High performing meat producers

It is most rewarding to see the merits of Perendales as high performing meat producers shining through – and even more rewarding for this to now be acknowledged through differential meat yield evaluation.

This brings with it, a tangible financial incentive to generate a superior product at farm level – without the inherent risk of it being bundled together with substandard meat; effectively subsidising those that present a lower quality product.

This relegation is unfortunately what we are still contending with in the wool industry – despite the Perendale producing some of the whitest high bulk cross bred wool in the world.

Prospects however for an improvement in this area are on the horizon and despite being at a cross roads in terms of direction – the future bodes well for your superior product once the politics and personalities that tend to cloud the way in the wool industry dissipate.

It was extremely interesting to hear from Hamish and Julia Mackenzie of Braemar Station, Tekapo – they had a line of lambs enter the Alliance Smithfield Plant (Timaru) and the slaughterboard supervisor  instructed staff to urgently find the source of this line of lambs. Hamish and Julia then received a rewarding phone call to congratulate them on presenting such an even and market- ready line of lambs.

Feedback such as this reinforces to us just why many new clients seem to have made a firm decision to solely concentrate on a genuine Perendale flock rather than mixing with terminals.

This tends to not only be  for meat results but also practical on-farm reasons for Perendales – such as survivability, longevity, reliable fecundity, cold tolerance and wool quality.