Top Ram Price Again in 2012

The January 2012 South Island Stud Ram Fair saw Newhaven Perendale’s Genetics in high demand once again this year. Newhaven NE 40/10 was sold to J.Henrickson of Dannevirke for the annual sale’s highest price this year of $10,000. This Newhaven sire was a “big and bold” animal, with excellent carcass credentials and had of course been “drench free” since birth – as all Newhaven sale rams are.

Following hot on the tail of the 2011 Annual sale, where Newhaven reached a near world record price of $20,500 – it was pleasing to see that the Perendale breed as a whole, were in high demand – with 49 rams sold from all over New Zealand, and an average price per head of $3228, compared to $1910 in 2011. The Newhaven Team now return back to Oamaru to concentrate on the individual sale of the 2012 Newhaven Ram Team during Feburary – of which are looking exceptional once again this season.