Newhaven Genetics Australian Launch

‘White Magic’ has been a term used to describe the type of Perendale animal that is available today in New Zealand – where they are in high demand throughout the country as robust, high performing dual purpose (meat and wool producing) self replacing animals.

‘Mount Monmot Perendales’ is a new and exciting Australian genetic concept that has been launched in Victoria in 2011 – boasting a combination of 40 years of premier New Zealand Perendale genetics from one of New Zealand’s well established and successful sheep stud operations – ‘Newhaven Perendales‘, with the passion and commitment to Perendales that Malcolm Fletcher of Karamel Stud, Streatham – alongside his daughter and son in law, Trudy and Tony Boyer.

It is this belief in the important role that today’s leading Perendales will play in the future of prime lamb and wool production in the Australian livestock industry that led Malcolm to search New Zealand for genetic assistance in this movement. “With a strong Perendale base of over 28,000 scrutinised, registered and performance recorded stud ewes in New Zealand it was an obvious place to start. It was important that we aligned ourselves with a progressive family – run stud operation that had scale and knowledge and were committed to long term genetic gains for the benefit of their industry, and ours” states Malcolm.

After a high level of communication and visits to both the Karamel and Newhaven properties on both sides of the Tasman, ‘Mount Monmot Perendales’ was formed and this new entity purchased and imported a flock of Newhaven Perendales registered stud ewes from New Zealand – of which arrived at Streatham in August of this year and have successfully lambed since, with 181% lambing easily achieved with no intervention. “Apart from ear tagging and data recording on a electronic PDA at birth over in the challenging conditions in New Zealand, these ewes and their progeny receive no intervention in high altitude conditions – and this ease of lambing that has been built into these animals over the past 40 years in New Zealand was obvious to us during this first lambing season at Streatham” says Malcolm. These animals are born to perform – every ewe with this genetic base is expected to produce two lambs that equal the mother’s weight within 12 weeks of birth, in a commercial environment.

“It is this ‘no intervention’ policy that is crucial in a large commercial situation and along with genetic analysis and assessments, this allows us to combine our field scrutiny with robust industry and breed specific measurements and benchmarks” says Blair Smith of Newhaven Perendales, New Zealand – shortly after the exporting of these animals to Malcolm Fletcher’s property in August.

“As a team, we are focused on overall structural soundness, superior meat yield, efficient fecundity, parasitical tolerance and well-rounded performance coupled with longevity” says Smith, and this is why the new ‘Mount Monmot Perendales’ venture is such an exciting concept. These Newhaven derived genetics are well known in New Zealand for not only delivering a market focused animal, but the technology and genetic analysis that has been invested over four decades is phenomenal.

Malcolm Fletcher of ‘Mount Monmot Perendales’ believes that this team combines well to provide Australian sheep farmers with an unique opportunity to utilise this genetic progress in their own sheep flocks. “It is essential that we produce an animal that meets consumer driven demand for quality prime lamb and wool products into the future, which is indeed an exciting concept”.

Mount Monmot Perendales will have registered Perendale sire rams as two tooths available to the industry in 2012, in strictly limited numbers. These sires will come with a full breeding value index analysis – including DNA monitoring of key heritable traits. Contact Malcolm and the Mount Monmot Perendales team to register your interest and find out more about this exciting genetic solution.