Survival of the Fittest

Blair is continuing to work with the team at ‘S.I.L’ in order for them to analyse the Newhaven survival indices which are markedly higher than flock averages nationwide. Time and time again we are given anecdotal evidence by clients of the extremely low lamb losses that they experience with their pure Perendale flocks at lambing time – with data presented by Preston Hope at our focus day in May being one such example of Perendales performing in often arctic-like conditions. After over a decade of testing for cold tolerance (a DNA derived index calculating a lamb’s inherited ability to withstand cold temperatures soon after birth) we feel that it is important that this trait is acknowledged correctly within the overall breeding index, even if such values are well beyond the ‘normal’ scale.


Livingstone Creek

Livingstone CreekThe 2011 launch of our unique ‘Livingstone Creek’ Perendale Texel sires has proven a popular one, with steady enquiry and sales from throughout the country. We carried out a full due diligence project over a number of years before moving into this new venture to ensure that it would not impose on our leading genetic strength, Newhaven Perendales – and Livingstone Creek genetics are separately managed by us in both a practical and monitoring sense.

We are catering for those that seek a Texel infusion into high performing genetically superior Perendale bloodlines. This tends to be outside of our existing strong and loyal Perendale client base due to the proven strength of the today’s Perendale to perform exceptionally well in production parameters that were traditionally viewed as ‘meat breed’ traits – whilst maintaining the premier attributes of a dual purpose animal.

‘Technology to the Fore’

We have always endeavoured to embrace new advances within the industry – and the last three decades have seen tools such as DNA trait testing, Eye Muscle Scanning and C.T Scanning acting as a catalyst in the huge advances in genetic gains that we can offer you each year. Being involved in the Ovita / AgResearch ‘5K’ gene marker test during the past two years is another example of the utilisation of sound peer reviewed science. While intense monitoring requires a high level of time and investment, the dividends that it pays back in regards to genetic benchmarking makes it extremely worthwhile.


The National Perendale Progeny Trial

AgResearch technicians analysing Perendale Loins

AgResearch technicians analysing Perendale Loins

As this enters it’s third year – David (as the New Zealand Progeny Trial Chairman) reports that the concept of identifying some of the nation’s leading Perendale Sires with superior growth and meat quality attributes has been extremely well supported by members, from a base of over 28,000 registered and recorded ewes.

Traits currently being recorded in the trial include – Weaning Weight, Slaughter Weight, Dressing Out %, Hindquarter, Loin and Shoulder Yield, Total Meat Yield, Fat Colour, Meat Colour, Meat pH ,Fat Cover, Marbling, Shelf Life and Tenderness.

During 2013, testing will also include Meat Taste along with a number of maternal traits being measured on the past three years of female progeny including Tupping Weight, Condition Scores, Lamb Survival, Culling Ratio and Longevity.

Data results to date have proven to be very encouraging , with all Sires used over the past two years producing progeny that have exceeded industry benchmarks on meat quality traits – such as Perendale lambs with total meat yields of up to 63.2%.

2012 Highlights

The Hope family

The Hope family

The New Zealand Ewe Hogget Competition

‘A Passion for Perendales’ and a dedication for producing top quality sheep was recognised on a nationwide basis in June 2012 – when Preston and Tori Hope of ‘Forest View’, Deep Stream, Otago were announced the Supreme National All Breeds winners of the New Zealand Ewe Hogget Competition following their selection to represent the Perendale Breed in the 2012 national final. This award is a huge nationwide achievement for the Perendale breed. ‘Our Farm, Our Workplace, Our livelihood’ is a key philosophy of the Hope family. You may recall that Preston and Tori hosted our second Newhaven Client Focus Day in May 2006 at Forest View. The Hope’s host a national field day on November 20th – showcasing the awards, the Perendale breed and their outstanding commitment to their driving philosophy of hard work leading to excellence.

Two in a Row

At the South Island Ram Fair in January 2012, we were fortunate to secure the top overall sale price for the second year in a row with a Newhaven ram, NE 40/10. While this was a great result – it was especially satisfying to see that structurally robust rams with proven well-rounded genetic merit were in very good demand again this year. It is important to note that we do not breed, select or ‘pamper’ rams especially for this sale, but participate in order to support the New Zealand Perendale Society and the industry. We find it extremely gratifying to know that we are able to offer sires at your ram selection time that are of the genetic equivalent of the one or two stud sires that we put forward for this key national auction.

Mount Monmot

Trudy Boyer and Malcolm Fletcher of Mount Monmot Perendales

‘Award Winning Operation’

Congratulations to Warrick and Wendy Day of South Hillend for winning the ‘2012 Environment Southland Farming Award’ for their farm landscape enhancement and environmentally sustainable farming practices – an excellent achievement! Success at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show

Congratulations to Malcolm Fletcher and Trudy and Tony Boyer of our ‘Mount Monmot’ joint genetic venture stud in Victoria, Australia for their success at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show at Bendigo in July. Highlights amongst their multiple awards were the titles ‘Supreme Perendale’ and ‘Champion Ram’. We have been heartened by the level of excitement from the Australian sheep industry by the introduction of quality New Zealand Perendale genetics.

2012 Show Highlight

We were delighted that one of our stud sires was awarded the ‘Frank O’Reilly Memorial Trophy’ for the Supreme Champion Wool Sheep at the 2012 Canterbury Royal A & P show – this was a first for the Perendale breed as this award tends to be the domain of fine wool breeds and it assures us that we are still placing crucial emphasis on the key physical attributes of a pure Perendale – including the production of quality wool.

A Unique Legacy

Congratulations to the Aspinall family for the release of ‘High Country Legacy’ – a book celebrating four generations of Aspinall’s farming the iconic ‘Mount Aspiring Station’. A fitting tribute to a highly respected New Zealand farming identity – the late John Aspinall. There are very few books in life that you feel honoured and privileged to read, and this is most certainly one of them.

Born to Perform

Perendale NZThe Perendale Sheep Society of New Zealand, ‘Perendale NZ’ launched their new registered trademark brand concept at the Gore Ram Fair in January 2012 – heralding a heightened marketing presence within the sheep industry from one of the strongest and most innovative breed societies in the country. Jane was especially pleased to see this launched – after she had led a team of five society volunteers over an eight month journey to rebrand this logo for the Perendale society.

The distinctive blue and green logo, designed by Christchurch design firm, Hot Pyjama Productions Ltd,  includes a symbolic hill which reflects the genetic gains the breed has made since the 1950’s, as well as a road that indicates the breed is forging ahead on the genetic path into the future of red meat and wool genetics – leading the way for our industry.

We have also been involved in the production of a new Perendale New Zealand Magazine (last published in 2008) and we hope to present you with a copy during your ram selection in early 2013.

Newhaven ‘In the Field’

After a reasonably kind 12 months on the climatic front, it has been a good opportunity to consolidate the hill block development and continue with a focus on shelter block plantations and ensuring that we maintain areas on the hill block for both stud lambing and calving of the 380 Angus/Hereford cows. We are pleased to still have James Blanchard as a key part of the Newhaven team, with James Barnwell lengthening his O.E in New Zealand with us, delaying returning to Bedfordshire, UK until early 2013.

Blair has enjoyed the coaching of our local premier rugby team ‘Valley’ although a less enjoyable moment was missing out on the Citizen shield by one point in the final. Our involvement in the ‘Ballance Farm Environment Awards’ over the past six months has been an amazing experience. Highlights thus far have been presenting a paper in October to the Primary Production Parliamentary Select Committee on a number of topics (such as resource regulation, primary industry tertiary funding and biosecurity) and the planning of our offshore study tour in Autumn 2013. We are looking at investigating new and emerging New Zealand Lamb opportunities in China, followed by Beef markets in Taiwan and then traditional markets and traceability labelling in France and the UK.

40 Years of Genetic Progression

Newhaven Client Focus Day

Thank you to those of you who were able to join us in May 2012, at our fifth biennial client focus day themed ‘Capturing the Gains’, to celebrate this genetic milestone – with David and Robyn sharing their journey over the past four decades since the commencement of Newhaven Perendales in 1972.

While Newhaven has grown to be one of the larger registered Perendale studs in New Zealand – our goal is not to be the largest, but to be the most preferred for high quality genuine dual purpose genetics. As David mentioned during the client focus day in May – his original vision to produce robust, efficient, high producing sheep that can excel in all areas of productive performance, rather than chasing one fashionable trait at a time – remains the same goal that we hold true to today.

Rebecca Redmond

Rebecca Redmond

Rebecca Redmond, a highly regarded global protein analyst from Rabobank’s Food and Agribusiness research division, gave us an insightful key note address on ‘Global Demand for Red Meat Protein’ with emphasis on the next two to five years and beyond. With supply increasing and demand staying conservative, it is essential that we ensure the product that we produce at the farm gate is of a quality that will meet expectations of the most discerning clientele abroad. These consumers are prepared to pay a premium for a quality product- however they expect an exceptional culinary experience in return. It makes us proud to be involved in the Perendale NZ National Progeny Trial – which focuses on such meat quality indicators – such as tenderness, pH (shelf life and appearance) and taste.

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