August 2013 - Newhaven Perendales

    ‘Perendale NZ’ – New Magazine

    The Perendale Sheep Society of New Zealand is proud to launch their new magazine. This profiles the Perendale as an industry- leading breed, with articles on how Perendale genetics are moving the sheep industry forward on commercial sheep operations throughout the country and details on the work that our society is doing to ensure that we lead the industry on producing a product that is in high demand from today’s savvy global consumer. David Ruddenklau from Newhaven has written an […]

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    ‘Mount Monmot’ at Bendigo

    The Australian Sheep and Wool Show held at Bendigo in July 2013 was yet another opportunity for astute Australian sheep breeders to view ‘Mount Monmot’ genetics in action.

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    ‘Mount Monmot’ Success Continues..

    ‘Mount Monmot’ Perendales has shown once again that proven genetics can shine even in the often harsh climatic environment of Victoria, Australia. Mr Malcolm Fletcher and Tony, Trudy, Edward and Marty¬† Boyer travelled from Skipton to Hamilton this month to meet with other sheep breeders and demonstrate their passion for high quality sheep genetics. As a member of the ‘Mount Monmot’ Perendale team, Trudy Boyer states that being at Sheepvention is always a great opportunity to “discuss the superior traits […]

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