Newhaven Perendale Texels

Newhaven-Perendale-TexelsDemand continues to grow throughout the country for Newhaven Genetics combined with high calibre Texel bloodlines. This is a powerful combination for those that seek a Texel infusion in their breeding flocks.

With our emphasis on good foot score, meat growth and yield; along with the robust and reliable conformation traits – these sires are proving themselves well in the field, in both maternal and terminal flock situations.

To ensure that we can uphold the highest standards possible, we have a policy of only breeding this first cross animal and upholding our high level of attention to quality. Rest assured that the decision to breed this cross was made in a strategic manner after a number of years of due diligence – with our focus continued on ensuring that our pure Perendale sires remain at the highest echelon of performance within the sheep industry.

We believe that studs that produce a myriad of breed crosses in a composite nature, may not have the ability to focus on the best long term performance, nor have the ability to guarantee that a beneficial and practical balance of traits are fully captured without exception. Genetic gains should only ever be genuine advancements, rather than simply short term hybrid vigour.

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