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    The 2016 Golden Lamb Awards..

    A reminder that entries for the 2016 Golden Lamb Awards (aka ‘The Glammie’s) close at the end of this week! Click here to fill in your entry form. Let us know if you do enter, as Newhaven Perendales will pay the entry fee for any Newhaven client that enters the awards. This is a fabulous competition that showcases the quality of our New Zealand lamb in an innovative way. What are you waiting for?    

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    Industry Award Nomination for Newhaven

    Newhaven Perendales have been nominated by industry experts as a contender for a national award at the ‘Beef + Lamb New Zealand Sheep Industry Awards‘ to be held in Napier on August 6th 2014. This award is the ‘Progressive Meats Dual Purpose for Meat Yield Award’ and is an award that bodes well with the work that Newhaven continues to carry out – pushing the barriers for meat yield whilst not compromising on all other attributes of the Perendale, assuring […]

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    AgInnovation Presentation

    Blair and Jane presented a paper at last month’s Beef + Lamb  ‘AgInnovation’ in Fielding – explaining key findings from their ‘Good Morning Asia’ study tour report. They covered their experiences with importers, distributors and comsumers in South Korea, Taiwan and China in regards to their opinions of New Zealand’s primary industry, protein preferences and their insights into consumer expectations of New Zealand red meat. Click here to read an article  that covered  their address:  

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    The ‘Perendale NZ’ National Progeny Trial

    Now in its fourth consecutive year of industry innovation, this trial continues to lead the way in an independent analysis of the Perendale breed (both in-field and post-kill) on a large, commercial scale. During 2013, we have seen the trait of ‘meat taste’ enter the analysis by AgResearch – alongside existing consumer-focused traits (such as fat colour, meat colour, pH, marbling, shelf life and tenderness). While the Perendale breed is known to excel in maternal traits such as performance efficiency, […]

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    Red Meat Study Tour of Asia

    An industry-backed trip to Asia has given  Blair and Jane a deeper understanding of the challenges facing marketers of New Zealand meat and dairy products.National winners of the 2012 Ballance Farm Environment Awards, the Smiths recently returned from South Korea, China, Taiwan and Singapore, where they visited a number of key markets for New Zealand sheep, beef and dairy products.The purpose of the 16-day trip was to learn more about offshore markets, exchange views on topics of crucial interest to […]

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    Global Journey

    In April and May 2013 – Blair and Jane Smith (as the Supreme winners in 2012 of the ‘Ballance New Zealand Farm Environment Awards’) will depart Newhaven for a 21 day study tour of Asia – focusing on the emerging markets for New Zealand’s lamb and beef products. They are working with key representatives in Asia from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Primary Industries, Beef + Lamb New Zealand and Fonterra during their tour. Blair and Jane are […]

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    ‘Meating’ Global Demand for Quality…

    Newhaven Perendales was fortunate to host well respected ‘Rabobank Food and Agribusiness Analyst’  Rebecca Redmond on May 11th 2012 – to give Newhaven clients a professional insight on what we might expect from the industry that we are so passionate about, in the coming 2 – 5 years and beyond. With supply increasing and demand staying conservatively high, it is essential that we ensure that the product that we produce at the farm gate is of a quality that will […]

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    High performing meat producers

    The merits of Perendales as high performing meat producers are shining through. Even more rewarding is that this is now to be acknowledged through differential meat yield evaluation. This brings with it a tangible financial incentive to generate a superior product at farm level…

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