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Jam packed full of updates from both Newhaven Perendales and Mount Monmot Perendales – this contains our latest client news for the upcoming 2016 season. This issue includes new initiatives and updates on the Newhaven Perendale Texel stud, news from the Mount Monmot team in Victoria, Australia and our vision for lamb and wool for the upcoming season.


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Newhaven Perendale Texels

Newhaven-Perendale-TexelsDemand continues to grow throughout the country for Newhaven Genetics combined with high calibre Texel bloodlines. This is a powerful combination for those that seek a Texel infusion in their breeding flocks.

With our emphasis on good foot score, meat growth and yield; along with the robust and reliable conformation traits – these sires are proving themselves well in the field, in both maternal and terminal flock situations.

To ensure that we can uphold the highest standards possible, we have a policy of only breeding this first cross animal and upholding our high level of attention to quality. Rest assured that the decision to breed this cross was made in a strategic manner after a number of years of due diligence – with our focus continued on ensuring that our pure Perendale sires remain at the highest echelon of performance within the sheep industry.

We believe that studs that produce a myriad of breed crosses in a composite nature, may not have the ability to focus on the best long term performance, nor have the ability to guarantee that a beneficial and practical balance of traits are fully captured without exception. Genetic gains should only ever be genuine advancements, rather than simply short term hybrid vigour.

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Survival of the Fittest

Blair is continuing to work with the team at ‘S.I.L’ in order for them to analyse the Newhaven survival indices which are markedly higher than flock averages nationwide. Time and time again we are given anecdotal evidence by clients of the extremely low lamb losses that they experience with their pure Perendale flocks at lambing time – with data presented by Preston Hope at our focus day in May being one such example of Perendales performing in often arctic-like conditions. After over a decade of testing for cold tolerance (a DNA derived index calculating a lamb’s inherited ability to withstand cold temperatures soon after birth) we feel that it is important that this trait is acknowledged correctly within the overall breeding index, even if such values are well beyond the ‘normal’ scale.


‘Technology to the Fore’

We have always endeavoured to embrace new advances within the industry – and the last three decades have seen tools such as DNA trait testing, Eye Muscle Scanning and C.T Scanning acting as a catalyst in the huge advances in genetic gains that we can offer you each year. Being involved in the Ovita / AgResearch ‘5K’ gene marker test during the past two years is another example of the utilisation of sound peer reviewed science. While intense monitoring requires a high level of time and investment, the dividends that it pays back in regards to genetic benchmarking makes it extremely worthwhile.


‘Cold Tolerance to the Fore’

Blair Smith – December 2010

With Newhaven’s ewe and ram hogget shearing  completed in late Spring, as we head into a long hot summer – it is promising to see  returns to the grower for a quality wool product strengthening.

The challenge will be to keep this momentum going in the right direction, and we all need to take responsibility for this. We are pleased that we have remained focused in our selection for wool quality over the past three decades, as this is certainly an important attribute of the pure Perendale – with the ability to produce the worlds whitest and bulkiest crossbred wool – it is a attribute that we must remain to place  importance on, alongside the many other key breeeding criteria – both physical and performance based.

With our  lambing and tailing now completed and the lambs happily growing out on the tussocks alongside their mothers, the DNA testing work that we have carried out over the past decade has seen an interesting positive turn with Jon Hickford and his team at Lincoln suggesting that the gene associated with cold tolerance is also correlated with higher birth weight, faster growth rates and lean carcass yield. It is scientific findings such as these that make us appreciate the time and effort that has been invested over the past 37 years in the Newhaven stud – monitoring this attribute alongside worm tolerance, growth, meat yield and of course conformation essentials into a practical no-nonsense genetic package.

It is inspiring to be part of the industry that will reap the benefits of a global food shortage, due to population growth moving at a frightening pace – with New Zealand farmers achieving this production in a genuinely sustainable manner. We at Newhaven intend to be at the forefront of this growth and innovation, with you as leading sheep producers on the journey alongside us.

Onwards and Upwards – 2010

Client visit in action Feb 2010As our 2010 Newhaven Perendales stud ram selling season draws to a close, we feel uplifted and motivated by the clients that we have had visit us over the past two months with excellent thoughts, ideas and plans for their future in this exciting industry.

We know that our industry offers a superior global product and as we finally enter an era that we become market – driven not production- driven (and get rewarded for it) it is exciting to mingle with those leaders at the forefront of this movement. On the home front, our monitoring of the next crop of Newhaven lambs is well underway – with of course all of these ram lambs being completely ‘drench free’. We are excited about the new R & D undertakings that we have planned for early 2010 and with recent changes to our genetic analysis programme – 2010 promises to be a winner!

From the Field

While it has been a relatively challenging past twelve months for those in all areas of the New Zealand agricultural industry, these are indeed exciting times for those producers of high quality lamb products. As we enter an age of exacting standards of yield grading analysis this brings with it a tangible benchmark and financial incentive to generate a superior product for our consumers, both domestically and globally. As our global meat consumers demand more from us, we too should be demanding more from ourselves and our highly complex business operations.

It is rewarding to see the merits of well bred Perendales as high performing meat producers shining through as well as being able to efficiently create some of the whitest high-bulk wool in the world.

The Perendale breed is about to embark on one of the most exciting developments that the breed and the dual purpose industry has seen for the past two decades and this shows the commitment and passion that exists for the Perendale throughout New Zealand.

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