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    Perendales Perform in Snow

    June 2015 has seen our third major snowfall for the Winter season thus far – with a lot of Winter yet to go. With the hoggets and ewes on the hill block alongside the Fossil Creek stud Angus cows, the Newhaven stock are in their element at 550 metres above sea level. Shearing will take place in two weeks time (with a snow comb and lifter to ensure that enough wool is kept on the sheep for warmth purposes)  – […]

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    Record Price for X-Factor Ram

    A near world-record price for a Newhaven Perendale Ram with the “complete package”……

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    Cold Tolerance

    Newhaven Perendales is now in our sixth year of DNA testing sires to identify those with a superior level of cold tolerance. We only allow those that have an ‘A:A’ result (a double copy of the gene) to pass through to stud sire level and we do not use any outside sires that do not meet this standard. However, the delay in the general uptake of this technology within the industry has been disappointing thus far – being an important […]

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    Backing the Basics

    Whilst we place a high importance on our genetic evaluation systems such as SIL and continual monitoring and assessment of both our commercial and stud ewes – there is no substitute for quality when it comes to structural soundness and superior composition. We pride ourselves on upholding exacting standards of quality control when physical attributes of stock are concerned. As a hands – on family stud operation we have the stockmanship skills and experience to ensure that these standards are […]

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