Perendales Perform in Snow

June 2015 has seen our third major snowfall for the Winter season thus far – with a lot of Winter yet to go. With the hoggets and ewes on the hill block alongside the Fossil Creek stud Angus cows, the Newhaven stock are in their element at 550 metres above sea level.

Shearing will take place in two weeks time (with a snow comb and lifter to ensure that enough wool is kept on the sheep for warmth purposes)  – with prices looking extremely positive for quality high -bulk Perendale wool. A reminder to view our Country Calendar episode that demonstrates our post – shearing policy of putting our freshly shorn sheep into the tree plantation blocks each night for the first few days. This means they can graze on quality pastures during the day and have a warm and dry spot to sleep in over night – this means that everyone sleeps well!


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