Livingstone Creek

Livingstone CreekThe 2011 launch of our unique ‘Livingstone Creek’ Perendale Texel sires has proven a popular one, with steady enquiry and sales from throughout the country. We carried out a full due diligence project over a number of years before moving into this new venture to ensure that it would not impose on our leading genetic strength, Newhaven Perendales – and Livingstone Creek genetics are separately managed by us in both a practical and monitoring sense.

We are catering for those that seek a Texel infusion into high performing genetically superior Perendale bloodlines. This tends to be outside of our existing strong and loyal Perendale client base due to the proven strength of the today’s Perendale to perform exceptionally well in production parameters that were traditionally viewed as ‘meat breed’ traits – whilst maintaining the premier attributes of a dual purpose animal.