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It is a genuine Team Approach at Mount Monmot Perendales – and their passion for Perendales shines through in their attention to detail and their stock performance…

Malcolm Fletcher

Malcolm Fletcher has been on the land his entire life. He was raised in the home in which he now lives, and has experienced many facets of sheep farming and enjoyed many travels, especially throughout Australia. He also enjoys many roles that he has established within the local community. Over a period of 13 years, Malcolm worked as a property Manager for a nearby farm of 2,500 acres. This period of time included a Tour of Duty to Vietnam in 1968 as a Royal Australian Engineer. Upon his return Malcolm married Karen and continued his role on this property tending to 8,000 head of sheep. In the coming years Carl and then Trudy were born into, and thrived in the farming environment. They too attended the local Skipton Primary School as both Malcolm and Karen had previously.

In the early 80’s they purchased some land of their own, which linked nicely with the acreage of Malcolm’s parent’s farm. In the coming years, Malcolm found himself working full time on the fertile family farm of 1100 acres, running 4,000 merinos and first cross ewes, along with cutting hay and harvesting oat and wheat crops.Malcolm’s introduction to Perendales came when he started employment as Assistant Farm Manager 30 minutes away at the Langi Kal Kal Prison Farm in 1993 for a period of eight years. This proved a new challenge to Malcolm, dealing with prisoners, but also provided the opportunity and exposure to the wonderful breed of Perendale sheep. Here Malcolm was involved with the Perendale stud programme and the general running of the flock along with managing 250 head of Angus cattle. It was during this time he identified the attributes of the Perendale sheep and the potential of the breed in a flock of his own.

This, he achieved when he purchased 230 head of his own Perendale ewes. Malcolm did not stop here! With much time and effort in researching and inspecting the Perendale traits, Malcolm sought the best genetics from New Zealand to become a founding Director of Mount Monmot Perendale Stud. This joint venture saw the importation of 34 stud ewes from the highly sought after Newhaven Perendale Stud near Oamaru in the South Island of New Zealand in August 2011.Malcolm has been forever grateful of the quality of the genetics that he has in the Mount Monmot Perendale stud and the relationships established with the team at Newhaven Farms in N.Z. He is equally excited about the future of Perendales in the Australian market.Malcolm also enjoys his social commitments, being a community spirited person that he is. Other than his passion for Perendales, over the years, he has spent much of his social time in various community roles. Malcolm would love for you to call in and have a cuppa and a good ole yarn about his passion for Perendales!

Malcolm Fletcher

Trudy Boyer

Trudy has spent a lifetime living on the farm, enjoying all of the great things that this encompasses. Trudy is a true local to the district of Skipton, having been born at the local Skipton Hospital and now strangely enough working there currently as a Registered Nurse.

Trudy was destined to marry a farmer. In 1998, Trudy married Tony after a long courtship. They settled on the property of ‘Langi Willi’ where Tony was Stockman at that time and soon to be Manager. After having the two children, Edward (2002) and Marty (2005), commuting to Ballarat was not feasible. Instead, Trudy enjoyed the farm environment to spend time with their young children.

It was Malcolm’s influence and initial introduction for Trudy and Tony to the Perendale sheep breed that led to greater things in establishing the Mount Monmot Perendale stud. For Trudy and the team, an amazing experience stemmed in being instrumental in the Import/Export process for the 34 stud ewes to arrive from Christchurch, New Zealand to Sydney in August, 2011.Trudy’s Mount Monmot role has now expanded to assisting the enterprise with book keeping of both accounts and pedigrees, subscriptions, show entry requirements and advertising. She is actively involved in day to day animal husbandry and is pivotal in co-ordinating the Mount Monmot Perendale team.

Trudy Boyer

Tony Boyer

Tony Boyer grew up living on the farms where his family were living while his Dad was working on various properties throughout New South Wales and Victoria. From a young age, Tony had aspirations to be a great Stockman and dog breeder/trainer. He has always loved his sport including football and cricket, plus the patience of fishing, the thrill of hunting and the pleasure of horse riding.Tony married Trudy, his high school sweet heart in 1998. At this time Tony was stockman at a 8,500 acre property called ‘Langi Willi’ near Skipton. Soon after, their two sons, Edward and then Marty joined their family. Four years later, Tony became the Manager of “Langi Willi’. Following this, another 4,500 acres was leased from a neighbouring property called ‘Warrawidgee’, allowing up to 20,000 fine wool merinos and first cross fat lambs to be managed by Tony and his team. Most recently, another 3,500 acres has been leased under Tony’s management from a property west of Skipton called “Mooramong”.Tony has always had an affinity toward stock work – namely sheep. His skills and knowledge always continued to expand and incorporates intestinal worm and drench analysis, reproduction including Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer, staff management, contractor employment, stud management, OJD knowledge through an accreditation program, pasture analysis and improvement, hay and silage production, budgeting, harvesting, chemical shearing (Bioclip) to only mention a few elements of his expertise.

Tony’s 25 year (+) experience in the sheep farming industry certainly is an attribute to being a fellow Director of the Mount Monmot Perendales Pty Ltd. His abilities in skilfully managing and handling sheep and dogs, having a matter of fact approach and ‘get in and get the job done’ attitude has created a great reputation for Tony.

Team Mount Monmot 6

Tony, Edward, Marty and Trudy Boyer

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