Mount Monmot

Malcolm Fletcher contacted the Newhaven Team in 2010 to see if it would be possible to source some quality Newhaven genetics to export to Australia. After mutual trips across the Tasman by the Newhaven team and the Fletcher and Boyer families, this grew to a new Perendale joint venture ‘ Mount Monmot Perendales’ (after the landmark ‘Mount Emu’ – the aboriginal name being Mount Monmot’) and in August 2011 after a strict and lengthy quarantine process, 34 of Newhaven’s elite ewes were flown over to Victoria, Australia.

Since then the Mount Monmot Perendales stud flock has grown to a sizeable stud operation – with pure New Zealand genetics continuously updating the bloodlines.

Monmot Perendales Stud Flock

The Mount Monmot Team are driven by the holy grail of producing a self-replacing meat and wool sheep that is hardy, fertile, low –input (Newhaven genetics have never been dosed with an anthelmintic worm drench for two decades now, and the Mount Monmot team want to ensure these resilient genetics are put to good use).

Conformation, a well balanced stance, DNA testing for foot scores (samples are sent to the Lincoln University laboratory in New Zealand to ensure that these bloodlines have the same resilience to footrot as the Newhaven bloodlines – we are very, very strict on this), bright, white wool with no black fibre, high yielding (eye muscle scanning is carried out on all ewe and ram lambs), and survival (an efficient ewe is a profitable ewe) are all “not negotiables’ at Mount Monmot!

Monmot Perendales Stud Flock

The Mount Monmot team wants to ensure that they establish long standing relationships with their ram buyers and it is essential to us that we understand your breeding flock aims, targets and your own philosophy around what you want out of your flock. Like our parent stud, Newhaven Perendales in New Zealand (whose genetics sire over 250,000 lambs every year in New Zealand)– we are a family operated stud – we genuinely care about making a difference to your genetic performance and we are passionate about making a difference.

Our Philosophy

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