Mount Monmot Flys the Flag

Following a realm of successes in previous years, 2016 saw Mount Monmot Perendales attend the Australian Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo over a four day period. Two weeks later, attention was drawn to the Hamilton Sheepvention in early August.
With our pre-selected Show Team of eleven sheep, we headed 2 hours north to Bendigo to wave the Perendale flag to join all the other breeds, totalling over 3,000 sheep, which is a new record!

Success was a bonus in the show ring and pleasure was seen in us all in the way the sheep behaved and presented themselves. With 5 months wool, a beautiful covering of bright, white wool was an addition to the already well-conditioned sheep. It was great to see some young Perendale enthusiasts involved in the role of Stewarding. Eve Girdwood and her family were great to be involved with and the Judge Malcolm McKelvie (from New Zealand) and Perendale breeders were very appreciative of their assistance.
The Perendale flag was raised again in Hamilton on the first Monday and Tuesday in August, 2016. The sheep again received a final prep to be presented to the Judge throughout the two days. We were fortunate to receive some clear weather for this event and speak to many farmers throughout the Sheepvention. It is always a great country farming fair feeling, and one that we always enjoy attending.