A Team Effort

At Newhaven, we believe in the strength of a team – and this directly reflects in our every day work at Newhaven. Charlotte (age 10) , Henry (age 8) and George (age 6) all play a key role in mustering, and have now overtaken their mother on an individual mustering run (Jane has now been relegated to driving the motorbike back to base and setting up the yards!). A good work ethic and stock handling ability is essential at Newhaven and all 3 are now well into their apprenticeship tenure!

Newhaven Selected as Environmental Monitor Farm

At Newhaven, we are proud to say that farming sustainably is part of our DNA. Following in the wise footsteps of David and Robyn Ruddenklau (whom have planted over 150,000 trees at Newhaven) , Blair and Jane are committed to this same modus operandi – with over 25,000 trees being planted on the Newhaven hill block over the past 8 years. At 2,300 feet above sea level, this is no easy task (especially dealing with snow, a high wind zone and wild deer galore). Beef + Lamb NZ have approached the Newhaven team to see if Chris Arbuckle of Aspiring Environmental (a well respected environmental guru that actually has a refreshingly balanced approach to business and the environment) can assist Newhaven Farms to complete a Land and Environment Plan Level III, and the Newhaven team are keen to share this experience with the wider North Otago area. We believe that New Zealand farmers passionately believe in what they do, and are true guardians of the land – and now it is of paramount importance to demonstrate this to the world, with the spotlight shining fair and squarely on us (for all the wrong reasons!).

Newhaven Feature- South Island Ram Fair 2017

January 2017 saw the Newhaven team start the year off in a strong genetic fashion – with another strong sale at the Perendale NZ Stud Ram Fair, in Gore on January 10th.

As Newhaven held the highest average sale price from the 2016 sale, the first sire up was Newhaven Ram NE 692/15. He sold well to a Canterbury stud buyer, followed by the second Newhaven ram NE 756/15 selling extremely well to a Southland bidder.
Newhaven then went on to purchase a bloodline that will match well with the attributes of the Newhaven genetic targets – Hinerua 177/15, whom the Newhaven team purchased in a dual syndicate for the top price of the sale, $7,800. “He is a well balanced sire, and we believe that he will handle the challenging conditions that our Newhaven hill bred flock is run under” said Blair Smith after the sale. “We are extremely fussy when purchasing stud sires, and we believe that he ticks all of the boxes” David Ruddenklau added.

It was indeed a strong sale with an active gallery of buyers, with a full clearance of all 55 rams offered for sale.

Mount Monmot Flys the Flag

Following a realm of successes in previous years, 2016 saw Mount Monmot Perendales attend the Australian Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo over a four day period. Two weeks later, attention was drawn to the Hamilton Sheepvention in early August.
With our pre-selected Show Team of eleven sheep, we headed 2 hours north to Bendigo to wave the Perendale flag to join all the other breeds, totalling over 3,000 sheep, which is a new record!

Success was a bonus in the show ring and pleasure was seen in us all in the way the sheep behaved and presented themselves. With 5 months wool, a beautiful covering of bright, white wool was an addition to the already well-conditioned sheep. It was great to see some young Perendale enthusiasts involved in the role of Stewarding. Eve Girdwood and her family were great to be involved with and the Judge Malcolm McKelvie (from New Zealand) and Perendale breeders were very appreciative of their assistance.
The Perendale flag was raised again in Hamilton on the first Monday and Tuesday in August, 2016. The sheep again received a final prep to be presented to the Judge throughout the two days. We were fortunate to receive some clear weather for this event and speak to many farmers throughout the Sheepvention. It is always a great country farming fair feeling, and one that we always enjoy attending.

Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Tour of Mount Monmot

Australian Stud Sheep Breeders (A.S.S.B.A) –
Bi-Annual 3 day Stud Tour:

2016 saw the ASSBA Vic Branch Stud Tour, visit a total of nine studs which included 12 different sheep breeds, over a period of three days. The tour covered a relatively large area of South-West Victoria from Ballarat, to Colac and Port Campbell to Port Fairy, Portland, Hamilton and Skipton.

One of their stops was to visit the Mount Monmot Perendale stud, near Skipton. The bus-load of guests enjoyed viewing the stud stock and an afternoon tea in the wool shed before departing to their final destination….home! Malcolm Fletcher and Trudy and Tony Boyer were proud to present their stock to the group and give them a background on the New Zealand sourced genetics from the Newhaven stud, and the fact that these bloodlines has blossomed in the continually harsh environment of Victoria. Demand for this self-replacing (dual purpose – both meat and wool) breed continues to increase, especially for proven performers such as the Mount Monmot Perendale flock.

ASSBA is a wonderful network of people from across Victoria, with a common interest in producing and caring for quality sheep. This was a fantastic opportunity to appreciate the various breeds, their attributes and be on location at the various studs, chatting to many different sheep breeders.

This is planned to be a bi-annual event, so stay tuned via ASSBA communication to join the next tour in a different area of our state.

Global Farmer Roundtable Seat

Jane Smith of Newhaven was recently asked to attend the ‘Global Farmer Roundtable’ in Des Moines, Iowa, USA. This is only the second time that a New Zealand farmer has been selected, and Jane was honoured to attend, along with 12 other farmers from around the globe – including Nepal, Zimbabwe, Mexico, India, Canada, NZ, Rwanda, USA, United Kingdom, Indonesia, and Argentina.

Jane Smith represents Newhaven and New Zealand at the Global Farmer Roundtable

Jane Smith represents Newhaven and New Zealand at the Global Farmer Roundtable

“An uplifting and highly informative experience” was how she described the week – which involved intense yet open discussions on a wide range of global farmer related topics – from farmer advocacy to genetic technology.

Jane Smith discusses New Zealand initiatives at the Global Farmer Roundtable

Jane Smith discusses New Zealand initiatives at the Global Farmer Roundtable

Minister of Agriculture Visits Newhaven

The Newhaven Team recently hosted Honourable Nathan Guy, New Zealand’s Minister of Primary Industries. Minister Guy conducted a tour of the Newhaven hill farm and discussed the latest initiatives that both our Newhaven Perendale stud and Fossil Creek Angus stud are undertaking. A robust discussion was held over lunch at Newhaven on both the challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead in the New Zealand Agricultural industry. Minister Guy then met with our ‘Kakanui Catchment Group’ – an environmental enhancement group that is being established by local proactive farmers, including the Newhaven Team – and the wider community.

Blair Smith hosts our local Minister of Parliament, Jacqui Dean and NZ Minister of Primary Industries, Hon. Nathan Guy

Blair Smith hosts our local Minister of Parliament, Jacqui Dean and NZ Minister of Primary Industries, Hon. Nathan Guy

Mount Monmot New Season Rams

The Mount Monmot Team are delighted to offer their impressive line up of new season Perendale sires – with demand steadily increasing for self-replacing genetics that are proven to perform in both meat and wool production.

Contact the Mount Monmot Team today to discuss your requirements and to take up the opportunity to inspect the team of sires that offer an opportunity to invest in high performing genetics, individualised to your requirements.

SheepVention Success

The Mount Monmot team are forging ahead once again with their success this week at Australia’s ‘SheepVention’ competition in Hamilton. The Mount Monmot sire 1427 was awarded the Champion Perendale at the show.

Mount Monmot's Malcolm Fletcher, Tony and Trudy Boyer with Judge John Christie

Mount Monmot’s Malcolm Fletcher, Tony and Trudy Boyer with Judge John Christie

With lambing in full swing back at the Mount Monmot base at Skipton, the Mount Monmot team are pleased that their Perendale flock have a strong constitution and the ability to “get on with the job” – producing robust lambs with the ability ‘to get up and grow’.

Contact the Mount Monmot Team today for an insight on how these genetics could easily be integrated into your flock.

Global Challenge for Newhaven team member

This article is hot off the press and written by Rob Tipa, of the well respected ‘NZ Farmer’ publication.

North Otago sheep and beef breeder Jane Smith has been selected to represent New Zealand at an international farming forum in the United States in October.It is just the second time a New Zealand farmer has been invited to participate in the annual Global Farmer Network forum, its next Roundtable programme scheduled to be held in Des Moines, Iowa, from October 10 -14 in conjunction with the World Food Prize Convention.

Jane Smith - Newhaven Perendales

Jane Smith – Newhaven Perendales

The theme for the 2016 event is Let Food Be Thy Medicine: Leadership, Nutrition, Conflict, Infrastructure.
Jane and Blair Smith are partners in the Newhaven Perendale and Fossil Creek Angus Studs at Five Forks in North Otago and were national winners of the Ballance Farm Environment Awards in 2012.
The couple represented New Zealand as ambassadors of sustainable farming when they visited China, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore as part of their award for winning the national title.Jane Smith is also an independent director of the Red Meat Profit Partnership and an independent board member of the Veterinary Council of New Zealand.

She says the Global Farmer Network is an apolitical organisation that runs an international forum for farming in developed and developing countries, comparable to a United Nations forum for farming delegates rather than diplomats.
About a dozen selected farmers from around the world have been invited to exchange ideas on global issues that affect farmers, including trade and sharing information technology and knowledge.Smith said she was looking forward to gaining an international perspective of farming, which was important for an export-focused country like New Zealand.

Trade negotiations were a particularly crucial and sensitive issue for New Zealand farmers, she said. Internationally, trade negotiations were often very political and handled at arm’s length from farmers.

“We know what effect trade talks have on farmers in New Zealand, but what effect does it have on developing countries where farmers are just trying to keep their heads above water,” she said.

“I’m keen to understand the influence political decisions and trade have on farms,” Smith said. “I think I have a reasonable understanding of it in New Zealand, but I’m keen to understand it from another perspective.”

Smith is a strong advocate for sustainability in farming and would like to see the industry looking and planning ahead by 100 or 200 years, not just 10 to 20 years “From a personal point of view, I think profit and sustainability can go hand in hand. I think that’s really important,” she said. “I think in some developing countries it’s easy to take a short-term focus with profits first.”
She believes this long-term approach is the way forward for farming in New Zealand and in developing countries.

“I don’t expect we’ll solve these issues around a table but it will be really interesting to have these conscious conversations about these issues.” The first New Zealander selected to attend the Global Farmer Roundtable was Methven cropping and dairy farmer Craige Mackenzie, a former Nuffield Scholar who attended the annual event in 2012.

Mackenzie and his wife Roz were also former winners of the national Ballance Farm Environment Awards’ prestigious Gordon Stephenson Trophy in 2013, an honour they share with the Smiths.