Newhaven Selected as Environmental Monitor Farm

At Newhaven, we are proud to say that farming sustainably is part of our DNA. Following in the wise footsteps of David and Robyn Ruddenklau (whom have planted over 150,000 trees at Newhaven) , Blair and Jane are committed to this same modus operandi – with over 25,000 trees being planted on the Newhaven hill block over the past 8 years. At 2,300 feet above sea level, this is no easy task (especially dealing with snow, a high wind zone and wild deer galore). Beef + Lamb NZ have approached the Newhaven team to see if Chris Arbuckle of Aspiring Environmental (a well respected environmental guru that actually has a refreshingly balanced approach to business and the environment) can assist Newhaven Farms to complete a Land and Environment Plan Level III, and the Newhaven team are keen to share this experience with the wider North Otago area. We believe that New Zealand farmers passionately believe in what they do, and are true guardians of the land – and now it is of paramount importance to demonstrate this to the world, with the spotlight shining fair and squarely on us (for all the wrong reasons!).