Our Farming Philosophy 6

At Newhaven, we take great pride in delivering the best genetic solutions possible for your ewe flock.

Our stock need to handle the conditions that they face and excel, no matter what the environment throws at them.

At Newhaven, every single animal needs to perform both in the paddock and on paper – not one or the other – genotype and phenotype are both important – but physical conformation and performance always our number one priority at Newhaven.

The Newhaven Journey 2017

To make the cut in our stud flock, our sheep sign up for the following job description:

  • Survive and Perform

    Under our ‘Newhaven Nil Drench’ regime. Not negotiable! Our terms are stricter than a lot of organic regimes and this strength has been inbuilt in our genetics for 25 years.

  • Conformation is key

    This is not up for debate under any circumstance. Unlike many quantity- driven corporate studs, we can guarantee that at no time will we ever be tempted to keep an animal just because it has high breeding values on paper! All culling is carried out on conformation first and foremost. The large scale of our flock gives us the ability to be ruthless. Strong, black feet (backed up by DNA foot scores), well balanced length and depth, good pastern placement and spring, nicely styled wool that is completely free from black fibre anywhere on the body and general good conformation is paramount and compulsory.

  • Withstand high social pressure

    In large mobs under a nil-drench regime (for example all ram hoggets are wintered together in one mob of 700-800 rams). This is the best way to monitor any bloodlines that don’t hack the harsh conditions, and those that thrive – under a nil-drench regime.

  • Hardy

    All sheep are wintered in the same tussock blocks that we expect our Angus breeding cow herd to winter in – 650 metres above sea level, heavy tussock and icy slopes. Our pasture growth window is a short one – September and October are still winter months up on our hill block and so all of our young stock have to move onto forage crops in their large mobs until October to free up tussock blocks for ewe lambing– there is no guarantee of spring growth around here!

  • Efficient and Profitable

    All ewes are run in conjunction with our commercial Perendale ewes and we expect them all to wean their own weight in lambs each year – we breed a high fecundity, hardy and efficient ewe that has the ability to bounce back after hard times and produce year in, year out, not just when the climate is kind.

The Newhaven Recipe 6

Information is power, but so is stockmanship. We have a large scale stud operation that has to survive and perform in tough, high altitude hill country conditions – there are no passengers around here! Our scale gives us the ability to be ruthless in culling and keep our selection criteria at the highest echelon, offering only the top 20% of ram lambs born each year as two tooth rams.

Jane Smith, Newhaven Perendales