The Newhaven Journey 8

The Newhaven Perendale Stud was established by Jane’s parents, David and Robyn Ruddenklau in 1972. David’s desire was to breed a ewe that was able to not only survive in challenging climatic conditions but perform and achieve to the highest standards, regardless of the type of country that they were moved to. High yielding, robust and structurally sound progeny that have the ability to shift and excel in any climatic conditions.

Following his time at Telford Rural College, and working on large agricultural operations in Canada and Germany, David was fortunate enough to have personal contact with Sir Geoffrey Peren and through this, his belief in the Perendale breed grew.

“Perendales have come such a long way from the short, pointy eared Perendale from yesteryear” says David. “They are now a highly adaptable and versatile dual purpose breed –their fertility and high survival makes them the most efficient forager of both the hill country and finishing pastures around the country, and if you are going to produce wool, it may as well be at the highest standard possible”.

  • 1972

    The first Perendale ewes are bred at Newhaven

    Using home-bred Romney ewes and Cheviot rams from David Baker, South Canterbury. Mr Baker was highly recommended by Sir Geoffrey Peren.

  • 1980

    David and Robyn purchased their own 188 hectare block


    120 stud recorded and registered Perendale ewes.
    Initial national genetic recording system introduced (Animal Plan).

  • 1990

    Initial ‘worm resistance antibody’ blood testing commenced

    The Newhaven Journey 10

    This would mark the start of the intensive selective breeding process prior to the ‘Newhaven Nil Drench’ regime.
    Wool assessment now included ‘Bulk’ – a key characteristic of Perendale wool.

  • 1992

    A further 125 hectares was purchased at Danseys Pass


    950 stud recorded and registered Perendale ewes.
    A small beef cow herd was now run along with finishing cattle.

  • 1996

    Initial ‘eye muscle scanning’ introduced and integrated into the Newhaven selective breeding process


    This marked the commencement of the ‘Newhaven Nil Drench Regime’.

  • 2004

    Animate’ Genetic Tracking system implemented


  • 2005

    ‘Newhaven Naturally Mulesed’ Regime launched

    The Newhaven Recipe

  • 2006

    1800 stud recorded and registered Perendale ewes


    1500 hoggets.
    ‘StudFax’ and SIL recording systems well integrated into the system.
    Introduction of electronic tags into Newhaven ewes.
    Well advanced in selective breeding for ‘Footscore’ and the commencement of DNA testing for ‘Cold Tolerance’.
    Artificial breeding introduced on a small trial basis.
    Ewes lambed and hoggets run on neighbouring ‘Blairgowrie Run’ on a trial basis.

  • 2008

    ‘Blairgowrie Run’ purchased (1075 hectares)

    Blairgowrie Mole Creek

    1950 stud recorded and registered Perendale ewes
    1600 hoggets
    500 Beef Cattle
    Blair and Jane commenced operational management of the Newhaven stud.

  • 2009

    ‘Newhaven Nil Drench – Generation 2’ Regime successfully launched


    All Ram lambs and hoggets now completely drench free
    Further sustainable development of hill block continued.

  • 2010

    Innovation and Industry Recognition


    January: Record weaning and 150 day weights for all stud lambs, even under highly challenging drought feed conditions
    April: ‘C.T’ Carcass scanning for conformation and yield carried out on Newhaven ram lambs at Lincoln University
    May: Fourth Biennual Newhaven Client Focus Day held at ‘Braemar Station’ with record attendance
    November: Newhaven owned Sires win the ‘Supreme Champion Perendale’ and ‘All Breeds Crossbred Wool Champion’ titles at the 2010 Canterbury A & P Show
    December: Cold Tolerance DNA Testing results pay dividends for other attribute selection at Newhaven (higher birth weight, faster growth rates, leaner carcass yield).

  • 2011

    Newhaven Genetics in Demand

    Gore Sale

    January 18th: Newhaven Sire NE 2135/09 is awarded the Mervyn Ladbrook Memorial Trophy at the South Island Perendale Ram Fair held in Gore. NE 2135/09 was then sold to a Cheviot bidder for $20,500 at the following auction – being the top priced ram of the 48 lots offered at the sale. In the winning bidders words, this Newhaven Ram had the “X-Factor and was a good investment”. The average overall sale price at the auction was $2,263. This ram’s sire was the Supreme Champion Perendale at the 2010 Canterbury A & P Show.
    January: The first public field day was held for the NZ Perendale Society’s National Progeny Trial – chairman of the national trial – David Ruddenklau was delighted at the turnout on the day, the calibre of speakers and the ongoing success of such a large scale trial. 12 sires were selected nationally to take part in this trial, with a Newhaven Perendales Sire being on of the ram team selected for analysis.
    February / March: All Newhaven sires offered for sale to our clients now officially hold a ‘Nil Drench’ status, meaning that they have never been dosed with an anthlemintic in their lives. This is an exciting step after 17 years of the groundbreaking ‘Newhaven Nil Drench’ regime, for both our organic and our conventional farming clientele.
    Newhaven Perendales announces that they now have a quality lineup of Newhaven Perendale Texel sires available to the industry. These are sold alongside the Perendale rams in the summer ram selling season.
    May Newhaven Perendales enters into a genetic joint venture with the Fletcher and Boyer families in Victoria, Australia and exports 34 elite Newhaven inlamb two tooth ewes. After a strict and lengthy quarantine period and a first-class airline trip, these girls arrive in Mount Emu, Victoria to mark the commencement of ‘Mount Monmot Perendales’. ‘Monmot’ is the aboriginal name for ‘Emu’, and is a fitting name for this exciting new stud operation, based near the local landmark, Mount Emu.

    Monmot Perendales Stud Flock

  • 2012

    40 Years of Newhaven Perendale Genetics!

    Blair and Jane Smith at Parliament with Minister of Primary Industries, 2012 Mr David Carter

    January: A Newhaven Sire attains the highest price at the Gore Stud Ram Fair at $10,500.
    The second innovative field day was held for the NZ Perendale Society’s National Progeny Trial – chairman of the national trial – David Ruddenklau said that the ongoing success of such a large scale trial is industry leading and extremely exciting for the future of New Zealand lamb. 12 sires were selected nationally to take part in this trial, with a Newhaven Perendales Sire being on of the ram team selected for analysis. 2012 also marks the commencement of a replicated Perendale NZ progeny trial, in North Island conditions.
    May: Leading Newhaven clients – Preston and Tori Hope of ‘Forest View’, Deep Stream take out the national Perendale title for the New Zealand Ewe Hogget Competition – an outstanding achievement, for these top operators in a challenging farm environment.
    Friday 12th May: Newhaven holds its fifth Client Focus Day – focusing on capturing the huge genetic gains that Newhaven has made over the past 40 years on our clients properties – and ensuring that we all stay well positioned into the future in an ever changing global consumer marketplace.
    June: The team at Newhaven Farms Limited were awarded the ‘New Zealand Ballance Farm Environment Supreme National Award Winners’ in June 2012, at the National Awards Gala Dinner held at Parliament Buildings in Wellington.

    Focus Days 2010

  • 2013

    The Importance of Taking A Global Focus

    ‘Mount Monmot’ Perendales have the first two tooth rams available for sale in Australia, this being a big moment for not only Newhaven Perendale bloodlines, but the Boyer family and the Victorian sheep industry. With the ability to offer Australian clients the opportunity to purchase full Newhaven genetic bloodlines right on their backdoor – this is a great moment for all involved.
    April / May: Blair and Jane Smith embark on their ‘Emerging New Zealand Red Meat Markets’ study tour of China, Taiwan, Korea and Indonesia – with a focus on learning about the key market drivers in Asia, their consumer expectations and level of awareness of New Zealand’s as the world’s leading producer of sustainable, efficient and safe red meat protein.
    July/ August: ‘Mount Monmot’ Perendales continues to go from strength to strength – with high profile successes at the ‘Australian Sheep and Wool Show’ and ‘Sheepvention’.

    The Mount Monmot Perendales Team at ‘Sheepvention’, Hamilton, Victoria, August 2013

  • 2014

    Industry Vision and Beyond

    The Newhaven Journey 2014

    April: Blair and Jane present a paper to the 2014 ‘Aginnovation’ Conference in Fielding entitled “Global Consumer Perceptions of New Zealand Farming”
    May: Jane Smith becomes one of two independant Directors on the New Zealand ‘Red Meat Profit Partnership’ board – which is a ground breaking industry initiative that is backed by both the Crown and Industry bodies (including Beef + Lamb, Rabobank, ANZ and Meat Companies) to move sheep and beef farming profitability to new heightened levels – over a 7 year project life span and beyond.
    David Ruddenklau is presented with the ‘Struan Cup’ award honour at the national ‘Perendale NZ’ conference for his input and dedication to the Newhaven stud, the Perendale breed and his community.
    Newhaven Perendale’s host their sixth Biennual ‘Newhaven Client Focus Day’. Held at ‘Redbank Station’ at Macraes Flat, East Otago this day featured Dr Andrew Greer and Mr Peter Wardell as key note speakers and some brilliant insights from Newhaven clients, Jim and Rhonda Thomson.
    July: Newhaven Perendales are announced that industry experts have nominating the stud as contenders in the ‘Beef + Lamb New Zealand Sheep Industry Awards 2014’ – as finalists for the ‘Progressive Meats Dual Purpose Meat Yield Award’.

  • 2015

    Advance Australia Fair

    The Newhaven Journey 2015

    Newhaven bloodlines were responsible for producing the highest selling South Island Ram Fair sire, sired by the well known ‘Newhaven 1707/09’

    Newhaven Perendales secured the ‘Breeders Choice’ sire at the South Island Ram Fair – B6/13 came from Canterbury and managed to meet the exact demands that the Newhaven required.

    February marks the importation of a key new bloodline for Mount Monmot Perendales Australia – with the arrival of Stud Sire ‘Newhaven 15/13’ from Newhaven, via a plane from Auckland to Melbourne.

    Jane is appointed by the government to the Veterinary Council of New Zealand.

  • 2016

    Ministerial Visit and Newhaven Genetics arrive in Bangladesh

    Newhaven Ram 1005/14 was in demand at New Zealand’s leading Perendale sale on Tuesday in Gore – with a $13,500 bid securing the sought after Newhaven ram.

    The Newhaven Journey 2016

    The Mount Monmot Perendales team have been worked alongside the Bangladesh Government to export a ram and ewe team from our Mount Monmot Perendale genetics to see how they thrive in the heat of Bangladesh.

    May 20th marked the 7th biennial Newhaven Perendale Client Focus Day – this time held at the Newhaven hill block base at Five Forks – with snow making an appearance only 12 hours after the field day finished.

    Newhaven Farms entering in the dual ownership of the ‘Fossil Creek Angus’ beef stud – with all of the Fossil Creek stud cows now run on the hill country of Newhaven and all female replacement stock.

    Jane Smith was selected to represent New Zealand at an international farming forum in the United States in October ‘ The Global Farmer Roundtable’.

    Your Newhaven Genetic Solution

    The Newhaven Team recently hosted the Honourable Nathan Guy, New Zealand’s Minister of Primary Industries. Minister Guy conducted a tour of the Newhaven hill farm and discussed our latest initiatives.

  • 2017

    Newhaven Bloodlines sought after

    The Newhaven Journey 2017

    Newhaven held pole position at the South Island Ram Fair – ‘Newhaven NE 692/15’ was placed as Lot # 1. He sold well to a Canterbury stud buyer, followed by the second Newhaven ram NE 756/15 selling extremely well to a Southland bidder.

    Newhaven purchased a bloodline that will match well with the attributes of the Newhaven genetic targets – Hinerua 177/15, whom the Newhaven team purchased in a dual syndicate for the top price of the sale, $7,800.

    Australian Stud Sheep Breeders (A.S.S.B.A) Bi-Annual 3 day Stud Tour – visited our Mount Monmot Perendale stud in Victoria Australia, where they were hosted by Malcolm Fletcher and his daughter and son in law, Trudy and Tony Boyer.

    Newhaven Farms selected as a 3 year Environmental Monitoring Farm for Beef + Lamb New Zealand.

  • 2018

    Newhaven Romdale Launch

    Newhaven Perendales announces that they will launch their new ‘Newhaven Romdale’ sires for sale in Summer 2018. This is an exciting development that has been at the request of sheep farmers that currently source Romdale rams elsewhere and have asked Newhaven to produce a hardy, nil drench robust Romdale.

    The Newhaven Journey 2018