Your genetic goals, Your Genetic Success, Our Focus.

    Your Genetic Goals

    We place a high importance on your Newhaven Perendale sale ram process. A one-on-one appointment, full access to SIL analysis and follow up with you during the year to not just review sire performance but to analyse the performance of subsequent progeny (such as lamb survival and growth, killing sheet results, replacement hogget performance) are all part of the Newhaven package.

    Your Genetic Success

    You are encouraged to take part in both local and nationwide industry competitions such as the industry such as the National Ewe Hogget competition, ‘Hoof and Hook’ competitions and the Meat and Wool ‘Glammies’ awards, all of which promote self analysis of your operation and reward performance. It is important that you know what type of product you are producing for today’s global consumers and just how you can influence this yourself at a farm gate level.

    Personalised Sire Selection

    Personalised Sire Selection  

    Industry Relationships

    We are passionate about the Perendale breed, enjoying a great relationship with other Perendale stud operations among the Perendale Society network, we work closely with other leading like-minded stud operations throughout the country.

    Perendale NZ

    Our size allows us to provide large numbers of Perendale sires to a wide network of clientele throughout New Zealand, without compromising on quality or selection. Contact us today to discuss this further.

    • High performing Perendales ideally suited to the extremes of New Zealand and Australian farming
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