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    Focus Day 2014

    ‘A highlight of my farming calendar‘ was how one attendee described our 6th biennial client focus day on May 16th, hosted by Jim and Rhonda Thomson, of ‘Redbank Station’ Macraes Flat, East Otago. The day included innovative insights from industry speakers and a tour of Jim and Rhonda’s farming operation in one of New Zealand’s most challenging environments. Key highlights were Jim’s straightforward insights to the exciting times ahead for sheep and beef operations in New Zealand – and how ‘keeping things simple and focused’ and the introduction of Newhaven Perendale genetics has been crucial for their farming success.

    We were fortunate to have Dr Andrew Greer, Senior lecturer from Lincoln University enlighten us on sheep parasitology and future insights to monitoring and Mr Peter Wardell, chef de mission 2014 New Zealand Winter Olympics inform and entertain us.

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    Newhaven Perendales places focus on the importance of client interaction and regular feedback to ensure that we are all moving ahead into the future as key New Zealand lamb producers throughout the country. Alongside regular discussions on the progress and results that Newhaven genetics are having on client’s properties, over the past eight years a highlight on the rural calendar has certainly been the biennial ‘Newhaven Perendales Focus Day’.

    The inaugural event was held in May 2004 and the success of these for all of those that attend and positive feedback has meant that these focus days have grown.

    Focus Day 2012

    Our fifth biennial Client Focus Day was held this on FRIDAY 11th MAY 2012 – this time, at the Newhaven base. Our theme for 2012 was ‘Capturing the Gains’ with a key focus being our genetic gains and how they relate back to your own properties and flocks. It is essential that we, as a strong genetic group will be able to stay one step ahead of the industry at all times – taking a ‘Local and Global’ approach. We also had the opportunity to host Rabobank Food and Agribusiness Global Analyst – Rebecca Redmond, who gave an excellent insight to current and future consumer trends in the demand for quality New Zealand Sheep Meat products.May 2012 016

    This was indeed a celebratory event – as Newhaven Perendales marked our 40th Anniversary of Leading Genetics in 2012.

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    Focus Day 2010

    The 2010 Newhaven Perendales Client Focus Field Day was held at‘Braemar Station’, Lake Pukaki, Tekapo.

    This 4th Newhaven Client Focus Day was an extremely exciting event to be part of with the Newhaven team discussing both the latest Newhaven developments along with industry strategies and issues. Our key note speakers included Andrew Mackie from Alliance Group – who gave a very vibrant presentation on the positive signals within the wider global meat industry and Dr Andrew Greer from Lincoln University. Dr Greer enlightened us on advances in ovine worm resistance and resilience – in a scientific yet practical manner (he later informed us that the sentence ‘scientific yet practical’ is an oxymoron, yet our guests on the day would absolutely stand behind the fact that he ensured that we were all well informed in a down to earth manner). Another highlight of the day was Don Fraser from Summit Wool Spinners presentation. Don showed us some of the new innovations within their interesting global operation – and as an added bonus, presented every attendee with a pair of socks made using 31 micron Newhaven Perendale hogget wool. It is great to see such positivity towards added value cross bred wool products.

    We thank Hamish and Julia Mackenzie for hosting us – they are both well known industry leaders and it was indeed a privilege to be able to gain an insight into how they have achieved such a high degree of ongoing success on this iconic station – and also how their change to the Perendale breed almost two decades ago by Duncan and Carol Mackenzie was a rather controversial one! They run a very dynamic operation within a scenic yet extremely challenging environment.

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    Newhaven Client Focus DayMay 2008

    Blairgowrie Run’ – Newhaven Farms, Five Forks, North Otago

    Property: Newhaven Farms – ‘Blairgowrie Run’
    Newhaven Perendales – continued expansion and genetic direction.
    Purchased in March of 2008, Blairgowrie run is a 1070 hectare hill block that is run in conjunction with the main Newhaven operation. Sustainable land development under challenging conditions is now a key target. Mirroring a commercial operation, it is a distinct necessity to stay one step ahead in all areas – including environmental management – ‘turning constraints into control’. A key part of the 2008 focus day is interaction and feedback from clients in an open forum setting on the Newhaven direction. This should parallel each and every Newhaven client’s own goals and targets and stay ahead of the requirements as deemed by today’s global consumer.

    May 2006

    ‘Forest View’ and ‘Rockville’ – Outram /Hyde, Otago

    Property: Forest View- Preston and Tori Hope, Deep Stream – Otago
    ‘Productivity Gains through Genetic Change’
    After only four years of ownership, the highly motivated Hope team have strategically implemented a range of high impact strategies that have changed the operation from a ‘store stock’ farm to a highly productive prime Perendale lamb producer.

    Property: Rockville – Patrick and Kirsty Kinney, Hyde – Otago
    ‘Productivity Gains through Genetic Change’
    After making a dramatic change to Newhaven Perendales from a traditional ‘half bred’ sheep policy – the productive capacity of the property that this motivated young couple has exceeded their own high expectations. They can now concentrate on actual production per stock unit – not just the number of stock units as in the past. They have a focus on high production in the most efficient manner possible in such a challenging environment.

    Grading Perendales at NewhavenMay 2004

    ‘Lanark Downs’ and ‘White Rock’ – South Canterbury

    Property : Lanark Downs – David and Anna Irving, Albury, South Canterbury
    ‘Achieving elite production parameters in an extensive operation under challenging climatic conditions’
    Lanark Downs is a past New Zealand Perendale Cup Award winning property and owners David and Anna Irving allowed us to gain a valuable insight into their high producing and optimum yielding breeding flock, and the management tools that they utilise in order to operate a successful specialist lamb finishing regime, even in drought conditions.

    Property: ‘Whiterock Station’ – Richard and Anne Patterson, Cave, South Canterbury
    ‘Successfully growing high altitude forage crops on uncultivable country’
    A unique way in which total dry matter grown per hectare has been markedly increased was demonstrated – the Patterson’s have been literally ‘breaking new ground’ and this has positively impacted on both their Perendale flock and indeed their entire focused yet extensive operation.

    Client Focus Day 2010

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