Newhaven Today

    Today Newhaven Farms consists of 1495 hectares, of which 10% of flat cultivated land, 20% rolling to very steep foothills and 70% is steep tussock country. Newhaven’s altitude ranges between 400-600 metres above sea level in the picturesque Kakanui range, North Otago.

    Sustainability features very strongly in Newhaven’s farming vision

    With over 80,000 trees being personally planted by David and Robyn over the past 30 years and a commitment to continue this with large native shelter developments annually. A ‘minimum tillage’ regime has been adopted for well over 20 years, with the majority of regrassing carried out by ‘direct drilling’. Areas of tussock and native vegetation are left around every developed paddock on the hill block to ensure that water and soil conservation are maintained to the highest level (this also adds to the ascetic attraction and important animal shelter at all times of the year). Native areas of manuka, snow tussock and broadleafs, pittasporum, mountain daisy, mountain flax, lancewoods, remain untouched, with a fencing off programme in place to ensure that stock do not have access to these valuable areas. Newhavens Farms was awarded the ‘2012 New Zealand Supreme Winner Ballance Farm Environment Awards’ in June 2012 at Parliament Buildings.

    The Newhaven Philosophy – Your Success is Our Success

    We enjoy personal visits to client’s own properties throughout New Zealand to engage with them on an individual basis. This allows working alongside you in order to assess your genetic requirements and ensure that the Newhaven direction is constantly evaluated to parallel that of your own and global market requirements.

    As a hands-on family stud operation we have the stockmanship skills and experience to ensure that these standards are upheld to the highest degree – placing just as much importance on this as David did nearly 40 years ago when he established the Newhaven Perendale name.

    Ewe lambs in the Newhaven tussocks - January

    • High performing Perendales ideally suited to the extremes of New Zealand and Australian farming
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