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    Clients choosing their initial visual selection

    Clients choosing their initial visual selection

    Matching Sires to Your Requirements

    This grading process incorporates both breeding index values (SIL industry based evaluation on a number of objective traits and pedigree status), structural soundness and confirmation, and specific DNA tested trait analysis.

    • Stud Index – These unique sires are registered by us into your stud following your selection.
    • Elite Index – These are the highest indexed sires for commercial purposes.
    • Superior Index and High Index

    Along with our personalised appointments and attribute selection to your own requirements these grades are an additional guide for you to work with. You will also have full access to records while you make your selection.

    Of course there is also the very important visual selection process that we place a lot of emphasis on.We have clients (shown in the photo) that bring along a pair of binoculars and choose their initial ram selection out in the paddock through visual appraisal and read their tag numbers out prior to bringing in the group to select via breeding value records.

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