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    Ewe Hoggets wintering on the Kakanui Range

    Newhaven offers you proven genetics – backed up by recognised and secure recording systems, whilst still concentrating on breeding well conformed sheep that ware guaranteed to perform in any region of New Zealand.

    Newhaven excels in achieving a balanced approach to leading edge genetic solutions and are completely motivated by constantly striving to produce high performing, robust Perendale rams.

    Newhaven is a substantial and diverse 10,000 stock unit commercial sheep and beef operation in challenging North Otago hill country and our base of nearly 2000 Stud Perendale ewes are run under genuine commercial conditions at altitude.

    100% commitment to the success of NZ agriculture

    As a 4th Generation family farming operation we have made a 100% long term commitment to the success of the wider New Zealand agriculture industry. Remaining focused on moving the industry forward, onto the global stage. Newhaven genetics are responsible for landing over 250,000 new season lambs on the ground annually throughout New Zealand. This is a significant responsibility and unique opportunity to work alongside you to shape consumer driven demands for quality lamb into the future, which is indeed an exciting concept.

    Newhaven breeds sheep genetics for you that have a superior constitution and are capable of performing impressively even under seasonal stress – this overriding ‘true genetic balance’ philosophy has allowed Newhaven genetics to perform impressively in challenging commercial environments throughout New Zealand since 1972.

    Lamb taggingExperience, honesty and professionalism

    You will be offered the full package of experience, honesty and professionalism. The person that you are dealing with is the person that has actually tagged each lamb at birth, monitored it throughout its milestones (such as weaning and autumn weights, hogget wool weight and eye muscle index) and has analysed how each animal performs alongside their peers in the field environment. This is important to you and it builds towards an individual focus on your breeding vision – no ‘quantity driven’ corporate ‘number games’ here, and no commission based sales agent heading up your driveway!

    Individual focus on your breeding vision

    Farm visits to your property are essential to ensure Newhaven’s synergy with your own goals, aims and vision for your stock performance. Newhaven rams are only sold through personal one-on-one appointments at the Newhaven home farm, giving you the best possible opportunity to ensure that your sire selection is an informed and personalised decision for your own farming operation.

    Single sire mating (in order to guarantee parentage) takes place in 100 acre hill blocks at Newhaven and it is these areas that ewes return to at lambing time. Importance is placed on the fact that these conditions must accurately mirror commercial conditions throughout the country. North Otago hill and downland country tends to be Autumn and Summer dry, which of course means no ‘flushing’ effect of ewes can take place, with annual rainfall ranging anywhere between 400-900 mm/annum. One of the most challenging aspects of feed and animal management on Newhaven is the fact that 80% of our annual pasture growth can occur over a 6 week period!

    Leading-edge yet practical technological work in a number of different areas, focusing on market demands and long term sustainability. Initiatives such as the ‘Newhaven Nil Drench’ regime play an important and proactive role in shaping the long term sustainability and high performance of the Perendale breed throughout New Zealand. In order to ensure that Newhaven remains at the forefront of animal monitoring and genetic evaluation, such traits are not only accurately measured and monitored, but all data is converted into useful information for continued development of this well rounded breed.

    Ewe Efficiency monitoring

    A ewe needs to be economical for the full 12 months of the year, which means that you require a breeding ewe with the ideal stature for it’s environment and the most effective foraging ability in challenging conditions. Unlike many ‘Composite’ breeds, Newhaven Perendales make no exceptions for performance based on age of a breeding ewe. She must perform to her full potential from birth through until at least 6 years of age.

    Industry Scrutiny

    Newhaven sires must be in the top 10% for SIL overall breeding index and at the same time they must also be in the top 5% bracket for growth and EMA statistics. Across flock analysis (taking into account all registered Perendale animals within the country), in flock analysis with the same data and industry scrutiny (such as the Alliance Central Progeny Test) combine to achieve this overall result.

    Whilst placing importance on all of the above factors it is essential for all stock to maintain the distinct Perendale characteristics that remain the underlying reason Perendale breeders have such a vested interest in this high performing breed.


    As we head into the future it is important to have a holistic approach to farming. This is seen through a true commitment to tree planting at Newhaven, snow tussock regeneration, sustainable water utilisation, excellent animal welfare standards, and proactive yet low-input animal health. As the New Zealand Supreme Award winners of the ‘Ballance Farm Environment Awards’ we have a continued committment to ensuring that we safeguard our natural resources for future generations, whilst maintaining high productivity levels in an efficient manner.

    Blair and Jane Smith at Parliament with Minister of Primary Industries, 2012 Mr David Carter

    Blair and Jane Smith at Parliament with Minister of Primary Industries, 2012 Mr David Carter

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